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"2014 Busan International Motor Show" slogan (topic) conspiracy

Date : 2013-05-19



Development of the automotive industry and the economy for the "Busan International Motor Show" sometime in 2014 will be held 5-6.
Busan and dreams for the future can be a symbol "2014 Busan International Motor Show," the slogan of
Haohni lot of conspiracy as follows: Please feel free to participate.
ball all people: "2014 Busan International Motor Show" slogan
Submission period: 2013. Four. 1-2013. Four. 30 ▷ 30 일간
Competition Category: Slogan
• Works Topics: Busan International Motor Show goes global outreach of the implicit representation of Vision
Entry Standard: Korean standard of around 10 characters, concise sentences (English notation required)
Eligibility: No restrictions everyone at home and abroad
How to apply: visit, FAX, mail, E-Mail of the alternative
• Finish Date: 2013. Four. 30 (Tues.). 18:00
Reception and Inquiries
   Haeundae-gu, Busan APEC-55, BEXCO Busan International Motor Show, the Secretariat
   (☏ 051-740-7391, FAX 051-740-7360) E-Mail:
Application limits and precautions
 • 2 points per entry within the limiting
 • apply a slogan not be returned
 • imitate the work of others, such as plagiarism or work-based assessment was adopted
        And excluded from the prize box
All rights for  • Winners of the Busan International Motor Show, the Secretariat (BEXCO) is attributable to,
        Regardless of the intent of entries that can be adapted
 • If you do not have the best work may not be selected as the winning entry