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Busan, Busan International Motor Show 2014 slogan selected

Date : 2013-05-30


'Car of the sea, the world cherish'

'2014 Busan International Motor Show 'slogan was selected.
Busan from April 1 to 30 for the selection of Motor slogan contest conducted targeting all the people and relevant organizations and academics through the final winning entry to the jury was selected.
Jury 'Car of the sea, the world cherish' (yisangyun min) was determined by the best work.
Following excellent work 'car, with a dream to the world' (Seung-ho Han minutes), encouraging "run the world beyond the future '(yitaegyun minutes), respectively, were selected.
The prize money for the winning entry and a certificate awarded in June and Motor utilizes various public relations.
Motor Show, May 29-June next year to 8 will be held in Busan BEXCO.
BEXCO Busan and the Busan International Motor Show '2014 'dedicated to the work of the Secretariat to complete the installation and a variety of domestic and international measures aimed to promote the progress of the event went on for a full-scale business promotion.